On ‘Author Beware’ – Publishing your work. See the recent excellent contributions re these Rip Off’s on http://davidgaughran.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/word-on-the-street-festival-doesnt-care-about-author-scam/#more-2853

Tyler Wills says:

Other than a few shorts published (copyright free), on a couple of reputable websites, I am still what I would consider a writer, not yet an author. In researching the steps to publishing a 60,000+ word fictional, which at present is 90% professionally edited, I did research on my options. Two years down the line and I am still regularly bombarded with requests to ‘handle my goods’ in one way or the other. These people do not know the meaning of ‘No Thank You’, and so, the constant e-mails from these various entities, who are probably all under the same Holding Company, go straight to where they belong – the Scam Folder. Yes, it is ‘Author Beware’, but it is also much more than that. Harassment comes to mind. Thank you so much David, not just for your valuable time, but also for your selfless integrity.

  • Tyler Wills says:

    ‘Organised Crime’, is another thing that comes to mind. I may end up sticking to my day job driving a cab; you meet such nice people!


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