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As I’m sure it is with anyone who has any kind of interest, one eventually tends to seek out like minded individuals or groups, to improve, compare, be inspired, or to simply be assured you’re not a lone dreamer of impossible goals. Most, if not all writers are individuals in their output time. They toil away alone to then seek out any sign of approval, a hint or full confirmation they are not just wasting everybody’s time, including, possibly most importantly of all, their own.

I arrived at a point in time where writing became more than just a part-time hobby. The impetus was someone telling me my work had merit, that it should be encouraged and pursued to another level. I’m still not sure, I’m not convinced, I haven’t mastered all my handicaps and so I will continue as I was before, to get the pleasure from the word, the creativity, the composition. If on the way it means that others, readers, are impressed, touched, inspired themselves, or even disappointed, then at least some connection exists, at least something that may have not been, is there. Something is happening.

Of course everyone wants to improve, be the best there is, or at least get better in whatever it is they do, and that has been my aim. With that in mind I joined an online group of writers. Most, far more experienced and talented and sure. I was in my element, it seemed like heaven and my work immediately improved, as did my confidence, which up to then, had held me back from exploring areas I thought far too far from reach, or present capability. The concept was a brilliant one, a peer group to improve and share the progress and the learning. Unfortunately, as time goes by one’s eyes begin to see, and once they’re opened wide begin to focus on the hidden factors. So many there to make a Machiavellian weep. So, such a shame. Departure.

But now the better news. A newer group emerges soon. No details yet as testing phases are still operating as I write, but this little guinea-pig is squealing with delight; so pleased. So looking forward to the launch day. So happy that I’m writing on, and reading, and publishing, and you can too. Stay tuned.


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