Posted in June 2012


Some blatant self publicity here –   Dear Tyler, We have just received the following rating and feedback for your story ‘Do Not Let Go’ from one of our readers using our Ether App. Rating = 5 stars. Feedback:————— Lovely story. Ended too fast, I wanted more! Very best wishes, The Ether Books Team   … Continue reading

You Write On

  As I’m sure it is with anyone who has any kind of interest, one eventually tends to seek out like minded individuals or groups, to improve, compare, be inspired, or to simply be assured you’re not a lone dreamer of impossible goals. Most, if not all writers are individuals in their output time. They … Continue reading

Short Flash Fiction

Darwin’s Dream – The First Arrival. Under no one’s control, the craft continued on its spiral journey to the Earth. Pulled by the planet’s orbital sucking forces, its speed increasing ever faster, onwards and downwards. The occupants had sensed the change, the buffeting, the sudden rolling to and fro, and panic’s bitter taste began to … Continue reading


Welcome to my Blog. It is still under construction, and will be updated with more material as time allows, but I hope you enjoy what is here as an initial entry. Thank you.